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Safeguarding Training

by Paul Nolan, 14th January 2019

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Organisational Approaches to Safeguarding, London 20th February 2019

This workshop is aimed at staff with designated responsibility for safeguarding, especially safeguarding leads, in international aid and development organisations. It will be suitable for those new to this role as well as those with more experience who want to update their practice or take stock of progress so far.


• Understand current sector commitments and approaches to safeguarding
• Introduction to reviewing organisational culture and the impact on safeguarding
• Assess how you are delivering on safeguarding, your good practices and challenges
• Gain knowledge, skills and tools and approaches for building safer organisations

Understanding current sectoral commitments and approaches

The workshop will provide an overview of how safeguarding is now framed within the aid and development sector, donor initiatives and their implications, commitments made by key actors and what all of this means for organisations strengthening their own safeguarding approach and delivering on compliance requirements.

Reviewing organisational culture and the impact on safeguarding

The workshop will provide an introduction to reviewing organisational culture and the impact on safeguarding. You will explore the following questions:

• What what factors contribute to a strong safeguarding culture and how can this be achieved?
• Where does power lie in your organisation and what are the implications of this for safeguarding?

Assessing and strengthening your organisation

The workshop will help you assess your organisation’s current safeguarding measures using a number of analytical tools. You will assess:
• How can international standards be applied in different contexts, and what does this mean for capacity building and partnership arrangements?
• How do you deal with safeguarding incidents, what does it mean to take a survivor centred approach?

The workshop will provide the opportunity to exchange good practices as well as reviewing the challenges your organisation faces in building a safer organisation in order to plan next steps in strengthening safeguarding in your organisation.

Gaining knowledge and skills

Through the workshop you will gain knowledge and skills on tools, methodologies and approaches that you can use to strengthen safeguarding in your organisation. GCPS has a range of tools and methodologies, a number of which will be provided and used during the day. You will also be signposted to additional resources. The aim is to provide you with greater confidence and practical ways of supporting your organisation’s development of a strong safeguarding framework.

Workshop Information

Trainers: Corinne Davey and Angie Bamgbose
Date: 20th February 2019
Venue: The Foundry, 17-19 Oval Way, London, SE11 5RR
Cost: £250 + VAT
Details required: Name, Organisation, Address
Payment: An invoice will be raised and payment required by BACS in advance of event
NB: Places are limited and payment will secure booking.

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