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GCPS plans for 2018

by admin, 17th January 2018

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What’s changing for GCPS Consulting in 2018 and why?

We are supporting organisations for the safety and protection of adults and children, linked to organisations’ commitments to quality and accountability.

Increasingly organisations are looking more broadly at safety and protection in the context of quality and accountability standards and frameworks and the Do No Harm principle. This makes sense and helps people think outside the boxes of child safeguarding or PSEA.

What’s new in terms of our services?

Many organisations now have policies, or policies and procedures, but the key challenge remains in moving from policy to practice. This requires skills and tools to assess and manage risk and review and audit organisational measures.

GCPS has been developing new tools for risk management and organisational assessment that help organisations take action at the strategic, departmental and project level.

We have produced ‘packages’ for different departments or teams so they have guidance and templates to integrate safeguards across their departmental operations.

We have also been supporting organisations to design and deliver safe programmes with the best possible outcomes for children and adults, through the development of guidance and training which builds the capacity of all organisation departments to contribute successfully to good quality programming.

Other than the tools and specific skills building, we have also been working much more as a ‘critical friend’ to organisations whether that involves building the organisational capacity on safety and protection or helping them review their programmes and operations in preparation for more formal assessments and audits.

What’s on the horizon?

Given the progress that organisations have made with developing policies and strengthening their quality and accountability measures, there is inevitably an increased need for skills and expertise in managing safety and protection cases and investigating them. We are not the only organisation that supports investigations but we tailor our support on case management and investigations to the particular organisation that requires them, rather than a more general training, so that we build skills, systems and processes for case management and, where appropriate, investigation.

We are increasingly working with a variety of organisations whose focus of work is very specialised, such as ending child marriage, which may present particular challenges that require solutions, for example safeguarding children who are married and might themselves have children.

We are developing innovative solutions to supporting safety and protection in remote settings with remote capacity building and support on safe reporting and response where following the standard guidance may well lead to further harm.


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