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New safeguarding products developed by GCPS Consulting

by admin, 16th January 2018

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We have been involved in some particularly interesting projects over the last few months, including developing safe programming guidelines for two child focused international NGOs, developing minimum standards which bring together PSEA and child safeguarding commitments and work on communications and risk assessment.

We have developed Communications Packages for two international organisations, working with adolescent girls and primarily on advocacy and influencing initiatives to change policy and practice on key issues for girls. The work of these two organisations requires, of course, hard hitting, impactful messaging, often told or delivered by girls themselves. Both organisations needed to be able to deliver this messaging in a manner that safeguarded those girls and young people, without losing the essence of what makes their advocacy and influencing initiatives successful. We produced a communications package for each of these organisations which guided them on risk assessing the events, activities and initiatives they design for communications work and provided a steer on working with and managing partners and other individuals and companies who contribute to communications (i.e. journalists and media companies).

We are also quite excited about a new Risk Assessment Package for PSEA and child safeguarding that we have developed for an organisation’s programmes in the Middle East. This package includes checklists and risk ratings for each department that has a responsibility for implementing systems and processes which prevent and respond to harm e.g. Human Resources and Procurement. It also provides a framework and structure for assessing different sector programmes and projects, accompanied by ‘risk tables’ which identify common risks and safety measures for each type of programme and project. The Package has already been introduced to the organisation and its partners for Northern Syria. Partners are now working on the risk assessments and we will finalise the Package in February next year.

We hope that these new products will benefit other organisations who are intending to strengthen their PSEA and child safeguarding measures.


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